Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday 30 September - Coming Home

Paul happened to take this picture of our train leaving Montreux for Geneva, Mary and I are in the car next the engine.  Paul was headed out to Brig and a circuitous route to Zurich.
We were ahead of ourselves getting to the Montreux station and it looked as if we would catch the 0753 to Geneva Airport but there was a 0748 posted also to Geneva Airport which turned out to be a suburban set with a Re 4/4 on the back.  The first class car was on the rear so we felt the old electric locomotive as it pushed us to Geneva Airport.  Every notch setting could be felt through the drawbar but we arrived precisely on time.
Geneva Cornavin

The rest of the day went steadily downhill from there.  Check in at Geneva was carried out by a pleasant human and Air Canada sucked us in and blew us out as planned.  The plane to Montreal had the usual unsmiling Montreal crew and the Captain declined to talk to the fare paying passengers.  I decided not to take a picture of the meal.  It would be better if Air Canada stopped providing food on their flights. There are much better meals available to buy at airports that could be carried on.

The self guided tour of Montreal Airport was carried out quite easily.  It is good to get some exercise after a long flight.

As usual the worst part of the trip was the OC Transpo 97 bus although now there is a little bit of stupidity thrown in with the gyrations through Hurdman.  The bus now describes a loop  crossing several lines of traffic to negotiate the temporary station.  It will be even more "amusing" when the bridge to Lees Avenue is closed in a couple of months.  I look forward to more fun in the future.

What a great trip.  It is difficult to pick out the highlights.
The wonderful view from the apartment
Walks through the vineyards
Chateau de Chillon and the Lac Leman paddle steamers
Interesting villages
Interesting villages
Wonderful food - magret de canard
Filet mignon de cheval
Great trains - in the entire month I noted only one SBB train running late (17 mins and there was a knock on effect).  The other railways, other than the bRochers de Naye, all ran to time
Great trains
Great trains
We will have to go again some time.
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