Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday 28 September - Geneva

We used our penultimate free Swiss pass day to travel to Geneva.  Mary and I voted Paul to be our tour guide seeing that he had been in Geneva last Saturday for a couple of hours.  Paul worked out an excellent program.
CGN are active out of Geneva
The only disappointment of the day was when we walked down to the lake front to find that the famous fountain was not working.  We then walked up into the Old Town which we found delightful and really interesting. The streets are narrow and at every twist and turn something new and interesting was revealed.

The Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville had an interesting menu and we returned for lunch.  The plat du jour was honeyed magret de canard with baked figs and polenta and turned out to be one of the best meals we have on this trip. The vin du mois was also very good.  The place quickly filled up, mostly with local people either having come into town for shopping or from local offices.  A thoroughly good meal.

In the afternoon Paul steered us on to the trams for a run out to Carouge which has been described as similar to Greenwich Village.  Again, it was an interesting visit with each twist producing something new.
Geneva Carouge
At Carouge there was an almost continuous stream of trams

We decided to return via Palettes which would have been fine except that the tram refused to go and a replacement had to be used.
This tram had great vinyl - pity it would not go
We found Geneva to be an interesting city to visit and had a thoroughly good time there.

To see all pictures taken at Geneva click here

We had a small supper in the apartment and finished with pastries from a patisserie in town.  For reasons of privacy I cannot reveal who had which one.

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