Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday 17 September - Rain, Wild Boar and a Movie

Coming in the mist to the dock at Territet
It was raining hard and we had a lazy morning.  The closest restaurant to us is the Pinte de Jaman in Glion which is about 400 metres north but about 300 metres above us.  We took the funicular and enjoyed a good plat du jour which was sanglier (wild boar).  There were a few locals in the restaurant and the waiter remembered us from Saturday and was happy to see us.
Filet mignon de sanglier
When we left we were given a small pot of apricot jam.
The Rochers de Naye rack railway took us into town.  There were a few schoolchildren coming back from lunch.  Just imagine having to ride a rack railway four times a day every day!

Because of the bad weather we had planned to go to a movie later on.  However, there was a rapid improvement in the weather.  I spent an hour or so at Montreux station.
Interesting vinyl on this Re 460 for Brig
This Re4/4 was on a push-pull commuter train from Lausanne to Bex.
This freight train delayed a Geneva bound passenger train by some four minutes

After that I joined Mary for a movie "Transporter Refuelled" - lots of action but very little plot.

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