Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday 13 September - Mont Pelerin

Our morning visitors.
It rained heavily in the night but the forecast is for better weather later today. There is quite a progression of bird sounds as the morning develops.  First the gulls swoop around the rooftops.  Then the crows wake up in the large plane tree just below and fly out to their daytime pursuits.  Finally the sparrows come looking for food in the planter on the balcony.  It is illegal to feed wild birds here.

The weather was beginning to look better so we took the trolley bus to the end of the line at Vevey Funicular and rode the funicular up to Mont Pelerin.  The views over the eastern end of the lake are very good but although we went through a heavy wine producing area this part was mainly in tunnel.
Car aproaching the lower station

Roast lamb chop

Car at the top station
We found a good restaurant. It took ages for our meal to arrive but we realized that the lamb and the beef had been cooked pretty much from scratch.

We returned to Vevey where the trolley bus connected with the funicular (why am I not surprised) and strolled through the old town before returning on the trolley.

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