Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 11 September - Fribourg and the steamer La Suisse

It was cool and cloudy first thing and there was a little rain.  We took the train to Fribourg via Lausanne.  A common feature when traveling in Switzerland is to see people in military uniforms carrying their weapons.  They go for training periodically and bring their own guns.  Going up an escalator with the barrel of a gun pointing at you can be unnerving.  The train from Lausanne was a comfortable double deck one running between Geneva and St. Gallen.  The line climbs steeply away from Lac Leman and the upland area is different from the lake with mixed farming and forests.  By the time we had reached Fribourg the skies had cleared somewhat and we had a pleasant day.
We were looking at railway clocks a few days ago.  This is a different sort on a wall in Fribourg - no connection with the railway
We took the water powered funicular (the last of its kind) into the lower town and walked along by the river. Many of the buildings are interesting and there were even a few sheep. There is a very large building which was shown as a grenier (attic) - maybe it was a tythe barn.
The grenier

Chicken steak, fries, vegetables and tzatziki
We found a small restaurant close to the funicular where we had lunch.  The plat du jour was chicken steak which was very good with a salad. This was a Greek restaurant and the wine selection was not good (it included retsina) so we had a glass of local white with the promise of better to come.
Fribourg Funicular
We took the funicular back up and than walked down into the area around the Hotel de Ville which also contains some interesting buildings.
City Hall clock tower
This time a bus brought us back up to the railway station. There is a well frequented pedestrian area which is crossed by a major road - but the pedestrians have the right of way!

We caught a train back to Lausanne in good time to catch the paddle steamer "La Suisse" back to Montreux.  This is a delightful ride, especially in first class - which we get free on our Swiss Pass.  This was to check it out for our round trip on Tuesday.  The boat does not stop at Montreux on the way out so we had to stay on at Chateau de Chillon and come back to Montreux (what a hardship!)  La Suisse was built in 1910 and still retains the steam operated motion.  It has been lovingly restored and is gorgeous in every way.  The weather was good and the views along the lake were exceptional. There were good views of the trains along the lake to Montreux but also on the climb towards Fribourg.
La Suisse arriving at Lausanne
There are vineyards everywhere on this south facing slope

La Suisse

The Vevey coming into Chillon to make a connection

We did some grocery shopping on the way back to the apartment - somewhat of an anti climax after La Suisse.

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  1. Hello Colin, I am writing this comment shortly after 10:00 AM Saturday morning. Alas, you may have discerned that inclement weather curtailed IPP&W operations for what I believe to be the first time this season. Thank you for letting me come along on the ride up the funicular in Fribourg with you! Your video work is most impressive. It was very interesting examining the passing siding where the two crews meet part way up the slope. My only previous funicular ride took place in Istanbul when my daughter and I visited there three or four summers ago. Thanks, as well, for snapping the shot of that gas pump outside the Hotel Glion. I had recently built one similar to this in HO earlier this summer as a detail item for a diorama project. I enjoyed your account of the couple snapping photos into the sun as well as that group shot you passed by. I encounter similar “light” difficulties whenever I want to snap a shot on the southern side of Fred’s property during ops sessions in the garden. Your mention of how seven trains are handled most effectively at La Chaux-de-fonds reminds me of a similar railroad location in Canada. The crews at this Canadian location must make up trains all the while dealing with arriving and departing ones and they handle all of this traffic in a calm and professional manner. Of course, you know I am talking of the very capable and confident Nelson Yard crew on the IPP&W! Hehehe! Colin, thank you so much for sharing the photos and stories of the kindergarten children on the train under the experienced watch of some very dedicated teachers. The smiles on the kids’ faces tell it all. It was fun, as well, to see the youngsters riding the bus to school over lunch break just outside of Neuchatel. I trust you are getting over your cold and cough. Here’s to more great experiences ahead! Mike Hamer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada