Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday 14 September - Chexbres

This is probably the clearest view we have had
The heavy rain last night cleared the air and the view across the lake to the mountains this morning was very clear indeed.  However it started to rain again this afternoon and when we came back there was a thick mist over the mountains.

Chexbres is a well known grape growing village on the steep hillside overlooking the lake just west of Vevey.  The terraces have been granted UNESCO world heritage status and we decided to make a visit. Chexbres is not too difficult to pronounce as the "x" is silent.  The SBB train took us quickly up the hill to the village which, like most places in this area is either up or down.

The first order of business was to find somewhere to eat.  The Lion D'Or looked to have an expensive menu but when we went inside we found it to be full with workers all having the daily special (salad, pasta or chicken cordon bleu and ice cream chocolate dessert.  The specials came fast and furiously out of the kitchen - if one had ordered anything else it would have taken a long time.  We were certainly the only non-residents in the place where everyone shook hands with the staff.  Come one o'clock the bills were paid and everyone went back to work. Noisy but fun, cheap but good food.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
We thought at first that the restaurant was promoting local wined but there are bottles from France and Italy as well.  The message is "Every wine is good".
We wanted to walk through the vineyards and found a path out of town that lead to a concrete roadway which gave good footing.  We found ourselves surrounded by vines and with wonderful panoramic views.  The weather was variable and some interesting sun and cloud effects were enjoyed.  

While we enjoyed sunshine on the vineyards the light and cloud effects over the lake were extraordinary

Rose bushes are quite often found at the end of the rows
This video gives a panoramic view of the terraces
It quickly became evident that it would be an uphill slog to reach the station at Chexbres to get back to Vevey.  However, the concrete road was sloping gently downwards and appeared to be heading towards Vevey anyway.  We decided to take a chance and continue downhill.  The path took us right down the hill and we finished up at Corseau Cornalles close to the lake from where we walked along the road to Vevey.

It was easier to take the slower trolley bus back to the apartment because even if we had taken the train we would have needed to take the trolley bus a couple of stops back to the apartment..  It started to rain as we waited for the bus and the mountain across the lake was hidden when we arrived back.

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