Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tuesday-Wednesday 1-2 September - Travel to Montreux

The 97 bus was calm and fast for once. We were greeted at the airport by a bunch of angry cab drivers beating drums, there had been a couple of rows of cabs lined along the airport parkway close to the airport - they are protesting the new scale of fees they must pay to the airport.

The Frankfurt flight went pretty much to plan.  Getting through security in Frankfurt took some time and patience and with the very long walks we were just in time for the bus which took us for a ten minute drive out to the plane. Lufthansa did a good job and we arrived at Geneva just after 0845.  Mary's bag came through quickly and we were left with plenty of time to get to Montreux.

After a coffee and a chocolatine we sauntered down to the SBB station to find out that the next train was leaving in four minutes.  (they run every half hour between Montreux and the Airport.)  First class was comfortable after being stuffed into a plane overnight.  The weather forecast from Canada was for cloudy with showers - however, it was hot, humid and sunny with clouds only over the mountains.

After a visit to the Tourist Office we decided to walk to the apartment.  I wanted to walk along the trolley bus route which was quite flat but Mary wanted to take a "short cut" which was pretty hilly.

The apartment is quite small but it will be fine for the month. The balcony is spacious and private.The view across the lake to France is wonderful and changes with the time of the day and the weather.

A steamer heads for Montreux
We walked into town to get our bearings and to buy some supplies after a meal at a good salad bar which was priced by weight.
A paddle steamer setting out from Montreu

We got our supplies at Migro and used the Montreux Riviera Card for a free trolley bus ride back to the apartment.  This gives us free bus and train travel in the area and half fare on the funiculars and steamers. All local tourists get this card.
Territet station is very close to the apartment but we have to see if there is a way of getting to or from the far platform without a long walk.
The double track main line to Brig runs quite close and we can see Territet station from the balcony.  It is really busy with four non-stop passenger trains an hour in each direction plus another one or two which stop.  While writing this there has also been four freights and a light engine (Re 4/4).  In addition to this a steamer has called at the Territet landing.

At dusk a murder if crows congregates in a tree just above the lake.  They come in from a great distance.

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