Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday 23 September - Raining

The weather forecast was right.  We have had a mixture of heavy and light rain.  The other side of the lake is in mist but I can at least see the steamers.  We went out to a restaurant we have had our eyes on - Le Restaurant du Pont in Les Planches.  It is right by a bridge over a ravine as well as the bridge used by the Rochers de Naye railway.
Le Restaurant du Pont
Once again the lunch special was very good - local cuisine using seasonal vegetables.
Saucisse Vaudoise aux chou with papet, a traditional dish of potatoes and leeks.  The sausage is only produced in fall and winter.  The tube of Grey Poupon mustard came from the large plant at Aigle.
Many of the tables were reserved and most of the customers were regulars, local artisans.  An old man, who had a reserved table, was given very special treatment.  The server cut up his food for him and generally fussed over him. She was very good, keeping a good watch over everything and taking the trouble to speak very clearly to us.  The lady chef came out towards the end of our meal and spoke to everybody

We came straight back to the apartment and hoped that the weather would improve later on. It didn't.

The crows were very unsettled and made a lot of noise while finding places to roost.  As it was getting dark a great wall of cloud and rain, down to lake level, engulfed the lake from the west.  It engulfed the mountains but the sky was clear above it.  We went to bed with the promise of better weather tomorrow. As it turned out the night produced an unexpected surprise.

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