Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday 19 September - Chillon and Exploring Montreux

I went to the Chateau de Chillon first thing to look at the  outside with the scaffolding removed. They have done a pretty good job.  Inside they were bottling the 2014 Chateau de Chillon vintage and I took a hand at inserting a cork.

I walked back to get a view of the chateau from Veytaux.
We then went into town for groceries.  While I was carefully putting fresh figs, plums, oranges and muesli in the basket a couple of tons of chocolate and ice cream fell in.

We took a look at the Montreux Old Town today.  It is either uphill or downhill but we found it very interesting and very different from the Casino and the area alongside the lake.
Montreux St. Vincents
At St. Vincent's, just above us, the organist was practicing Handel
There is a pleasant park around the church which affords good views over Montreux, vineyards and the lake.
I found the Rochers de Naye rack railway station in upper Montreux
The train with its two wagons for bicycles trundled on down into the tunnel which will ring it into the main station in Montreux
The back streets were pleasant but could be tiring as there is no flat land at all.

Believe it or not this is a public toilet, built into the side of a hill.

We had a snack at Zurchers.  It was expensive and the service was appalling.
Mary's lunch
Dinner tonight was fondu moitie et moitie at Le Panorama restaurant on the lakeside.

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  1. Hello Colin, It’s Sunday morning back in Ottawa, just before the noon hour and I’ve found some time to catch up on your blog. Thanks for checking in on the happenings along the IPP&W right of way as well! Your rail, ship, castle and, photos continue to impress so much that I must make it a point to get over there in my retirement! I particularly enjoyed the shot of the car barns of the Rochers de Naye rack railway taken from your elevated dining area on that day as well as that great photograph of the Rochers de Naye train arriving Glion which you snapped from high above looking down over the curve in the tracks with the lake ever present far below in the distance. Brilliant! I was able to study the gradiant and the track details in your shot of the Vevy Funicular climbing to Mont Pelerin. Lots of fine detailing to offer a modeller. Those views across the lake, particularly on that one very clear morning are spectacular. Thanks for sharing the exquisite interior shots of the paddle steamer, “La Suisse”. What an impressive vessel. You know I enjoy modelling marine vessels as well as railroad structures. Please send Mary my belated birthday wishes. That was a nice touch by the dining crew aboard the vessel in celebration! Great to see all of the school field trips. I certainly got a chuckle reading what the young lads and lasses purchased at Chillon Castle in the gift shop. Nice to see they checked out the items with the teacher first. Man, that street running video you snapped was something else! Loved watching the train snake through the street canyon with what appeared to be quite limited tolerances. Thanks for sharing another gasoline service tank. That one looks like a collectable item for sure. While I am enjoying all of the images, another one I particularly liked was the Montreux bridge/tunnel shot. You see that in few places in North America where a train exits a tunnel and heads out onto a bridge right away or in a very short distance. From your other videos, I see that graffiti on car sides is not just a North American pastime. Handel never sounded better! The pipe organ at St. Vincent’s is alive and well! Interesting to note that there were chairs, and not pews, in the church. We missed you at our ops session, Colin, you read, Paul, Gord and Henk handled the yard and the shortline very well. I dispatched to allow Doug to run a train with a guest he brought along. Judging by the variety of dining choices you are enjoying, perhaps changes should be in the offing at 36 Starwood in Nepean! Ha! Looking forward to more great stories, pictures and video. Thanks, Mike.