Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday 6 September - Aigle

The morning started fine and the weather was hot and sunny all day.  The trolley bus took us into Montreux and we took the train from Geneva airport for the ten minute ride to Aigle.

The Swiss railways still use date nails in their ties
Our train was pulled by an Re 460 in EasyJet colors
This is a Vevey - Les Pleiades car operating on the MOB.  It would have been transferred over the Blonay Chamby line
Our main objective today was to see the Aigle Chateau.  This was quite easy to do as we just had to follow the tracks of the Diablerets line which runs along the road out of town.  From here we had a magnificent view of a train from Leysin descending down the grade to run into Aigle.

The chateau is very impressive as it is set on a small hill surrounded by vineyards.  In fact all of Aigle is covered in vineyards.

In seeking out a good position to photograph the chateau I found a bridge over the Diablerets line and making an educated guess I decided to wait for the next train out.

The description of the Chateau did not encourage us to go in, particularly as it was lunch time.  We found an excellent restaurant close to the chateau.  Our main course was confit de canard on top of rosti with cepes.
Confit de canard with rosti and cepes
We walked back into town via the Leysin railway depot.
Train from Leysin arriving at the Depot

There was a flea market in process with much socializing (i.e. beer and wine drinking) and there was entertainment set up in three locations. The main street was blocked by all the celebrations so the Leysin trains were running from the depot with a bus connection to the main station
We had a quick ride back to Montreux but took the hilly route back to the apartment through the Old Town.  This is very different from Vevey Old Town which is flat and has lots of bars, restaurants and shops.  Montreux is mainly dwellings with occasional excellent views across the lake.

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  1. Hello Colin, the colour in these photographs is outstanding. The colours in the Diablerets train cars blend so nicely with the surrounding greenery along the hillsides, still bright for safety and not camouflaged. That descending train from Leysin to Aigle must have its brake system inspected on quite a regular schedule of maintenance! Tell me, is the brake system controlled electrically? Also, thank you greatly for leaving your video running for a good two and a half minutes for "this musician" to be able to get a good feel for the music from the band on the street corner. Hearing the band playing on the streets of Montreux brought back memories of the lyrics of the Deep Purple song "Smoke on the Water" which tells the story of some very famous musicians and their experience during a gig tour that occurred in this location. Your daily photos and testimonials are engaging, educational and entertaining all at the same time! Mike Hamer - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada