Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday 29 September - Last Day - Chexbres

While walking down to the glass recycling bin I saw this Re 4/4 light engine running towards Montreux.

A train to Vevey and a change there brought us to Chexbres in the vineyards which we visited a couple of weeks ago.  Lunch was at the Lion D'Or restaurant as last time and the plat du jour was excellent.  However, there was a slightly different air to the place.  It was still filled with workers but there was an urgency we hadn't felt before.  One man came in and quickly sat down with a group and sighed "La vendange.'  Everyone was busy with the grape harvest and the making of wine.
The Lion D'Or sign shone brightly against the clear blue sky

Beef with rice and vegetables
Dessert, and soup, came as part of the meal
Chexbres station with some unusual floral displays
We enjoyed a half bottle of pinot noir with our beef and mentioned it to the manager who introduced us to the owner of the vineyard where that bottle was produced.  He was at another table with three others. We complimented him on his wine and parted the best of friends.
Our wine - a pinot noir from St-Saphorin

The vigneron with his wine
This afternoon we decided to walk down through the vineyards but this time to stay higher so that we could follow the vineyards all the way into Vevey.  This worked out very well although there was some wicked uphill walking.
The vendage was in full swing and several areas had already been picked.  You could tell these by the absence of netting which is put around the vines to keep the birds away.

It was quiet and peaceful.  There were very few people to be seen, one young girl went past leading a horse.  Her dog was having fun trying to catch lizards.
Picking the grapes

A rack monorail
The monorail climbs some wicked grades
A vegetable garden with a waterfall behind - one cannot live by grapes alone
A pumpkin patch close to Vevey
The road eventually brought us into Vevey where we caught the trolley bus at the Funi terminus.

Click here to see all pictures taken at Chexbres (both visits)

For out last supper Mary, Paul and I went up the funicular to Glion to the Pinte de Jaman where we were greeted by Christoffe.  La chasse est arrivee is a common theme in restaurants in this area when hunters go into the forests and there are plenty of fall vegetables.

View at sunset from the station at Glion
Venison steak with spaetzle and chestnuts
Bourguignon of wild boar jowls with spaetzle and chestnuts
Christoffe and the chef at La Pinte de Jaman

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