Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday 20 May - Bishops Castle

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There were showers again this morning and it was pretty cool overnight. We took the bus to Bishops Castle arriving there just after 1100. The ride through the Hope valley is through a narrow wooded stream filled defile. The road is narrow and twisting. At Bishops Castle we had a short walk around before going to the Three Tuns for lunch. The castle ruins are not much to see but walking through this hilly, sleepy town is very interesting. 
A small alleyway led to a sheep pasture

The Three Tuns is next to the brewery although it is now a separate organization. The pub has five Three Tuns pumps. I had a bitter and a mild and bitter.

The meal was very good as it was last time we were here. Mary had salmon while I had duck leg.

The weather has improved somewhat and we had a short walk around and spent some time in the churchyard where some crows were making a lot of noise. The church clock was either fitted with just an hour hand or somebody stole the minute hand.

The bus arrived a few minutes early from the school and a bunch of kids got off and ran over the street to get some sweets.
An old man shambled past in purple bed room slippers. We saw him while waiting for the bus last time.
The bus was pretty noisy until the kids had left, by Hope.
Minsterley is a centre for corned beef production.
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The sky cleared this evening and the slanting rays of the sun showed up the buildings to good effect.
St, Chads
St. Julians

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