Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday 5 May - Travel to Shrewsbury

Air Canada is scheduled very late out of Ottawa. While waiting to board I took a look at some of the other passengers.  One woman had a backside like a bowling ball on a short see saw.  Thank goodness Mary and I had two seats together. What with being stacked up over Heathrow then waiting for a gate we left the plane an hour late.There was then a series of very long walks through customs and baggage claim to Heathrow Express.  The first train I saw on the way into Paddington was hauled by a Canadian built diesel and I saw another four at Acton Yard. There was a slow approach to Paddington and I thought we would have trouble catching the 1343 from Euston.  However, the Hammersmith and City underground with its wonderful new trains got us into Euston by 1245. Retrieving our pre-paid tickets from the machine was easy and fast with the result that we caught the earlier 1303 train to Birmingham International.
This sign really amazed me.  Virgin Trains are encouraging railway enthusiasts to take pictures sensibly. In both North America and Europe the opposite is the norm
Subway provided some nourishment and we caught our scheduled diesel multiple unit to Shrewsbury at 1509.
The country is green with much blossom. It is cloudy with a cool wind.  The fields of rape seed (canola) are turning yellow.
Sam met us at the apartment which is small but well appointed and very centrally located. We are right across from the central market and very close to all the stores and pubs.
We heard quacking outside and found a pair of mallards on the roof of the building next door.  They like the bread I throw out to them.
It was past 1800 by the time we had unpacked so we went out for a quick reconnoiter and then we checked out the Three Fishes. I have been looking forward to the first pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord and I was not disappointed.  The barman welcomed us back and remembered our previous visits.  The Oswestry brewery Stationmaster was also on tap and we also tasted a Shrewsbury beer.  The pub has not changed at all - no music, no TV, no video games although they now provide free wifi.  It was just people coming in for a quiet chat and a drink.
The first pint was an excellent Timothy Taylor's Landlord
This is my favorite for this part of the country

Oswestry Stationmaster
Hop Twister is a Shrewsbury beer with hints of grapefruit.
The Three Fishes was a great way to start our visit.
Supper tonight was from the Town Fryer.  We ordered two pieces of cod and had to wait while they dipped the fish in batter and fried it.  Fresh cooked cod was a real treat,

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