Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday 10 May - Odds and Ends

After two busy days we slept in this morning. The regatta was cancelled today because of high water, heavy rain in the Welsh mountains. This is only the second time in 144 years. A walk along the river bank showed high water and a fast current.
A metal Victorian bandstand in Quarry park.

Three Fishes
After a drink at The Three Fishes (Salopian Bulletproof - strong, citrus, hoppy - not to my taste) we went to the movies. They gave us seat reservations even though there were not more than 15 in the theatre.

We had a quick drink in the Nags Head on the way back.  This is very much a local pub and the conversation stopped when we went in.  Several were watching a soccer game on the TV with the sound turned down.  I had a Three Tuns (Bishops Castle) pale ale which was very good. One man was on his way out and handed a dog bowl to the barmaid.  His dog had been happily sitting under the table out of everyone's way.

The apartment is just a few minutes away from the Quarry park and we went for a short walk after supper.  The birds were settling down for the night.

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