Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday 25 May - Bank Holiday Monday

In spite of it being a Bank Holiday a large number of shops were open this morning.  We got off to a late start and decided to visit the Three Fishes before taking a long walk along the River Severn.  This time we went downstream.  We passed many houses with gardens running down to the river, one had a large Blue Blossom tree. The route quickly took us into the country.

May blossom
 A weir on the Severn (video)
Click here if you cannot see this video
Sheep in a field of buttercups
We turned round and walked back right past the railway bridge and the English bridge, past a fun fair and up to the Welsh bridge. Several kids and parents passed us with identical clear plastic containers which held goldfish.  These were probably prizes from the funfair but we didn't see where they came from.  There was a women's drumming group who made a lot of noise but didn't have much style.

We had a very late, leisurely lunch at the Armoury where there were a large number of family groups with small children.

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