Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday 23 November - Relais de Venise, Model Shops and Gare Saint-Lazare

Le Relais de Venise is one of our favorite restaurants.  It is strictly steak and frits.  There is a set menu which includes a salad then steak and frits.  The only choice to make is what wine to have (a bottle of St. Emillion) and how do you want your steak cooked. Just when you think you have finished the waitress brings around the second portion of steak and frits.  The sauce is exceptional and the frits are excellent.

The restaurant does not accept reservations so it is best to line up.  Space inside is very cramped and the staff are good at shoe horning customers into a small space.  We were there in good time and but the two rooms quickly filled up and late comers had to wait for the early customers to leave.
To get people into the back seats the table is drawn out then pushed in so that the person is effectively imprisoned.  It is important to go to the washroom first
One advantage of being so close is that it is easy to get into conversation with your neighbours - pass the mustard etc.  This time we talked to two ladies from Finland as well as two men from France..

The desserts are exceptional:
After lunch I took the Metro to Place de Clichy to visit some model shops to make my way to Saint-Lazare.
I was surprised to see a Sybic locomotive in here.  First one I have seen in Saint-Lazare
A crocodile - used as part of the train control system 
There are still some blazons to be seen on the old electric trains that have not yet been painted into the STIF livery.
This diesel hydraulic shunter was lurking under the warehouse area.

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