Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday 4 December - Shrewsbury Farmers Market and St. Chad's Concert


Building of the day- St. Julian's Close - just round the corner from where we are staying.  A beautiful building with interesting and unique decorations.

The first order of business was to visit the Shrewsbury Farmers Market which is held on the first Friday of each month.  There are a number of high quality stalls with a preponderance of home made cakes, pies, preserves, cheeses and meats.   The most intriguing was the Hog Roast in which a whole pig was cooked and sold in bap buns with crackling, apple sauce and stuffing.

The river is still in flood and we went down to the toll bridge to take a look at the Quarry Gardens area.
The weather was much better today and the sun helped a grreat deal
There was a Concert in the Round at St. Chad's .  The Church is am amazing venue and it is worth looking at its history;
The concert was given by Sarah Westwood (soprano), David Joyce (violin), Hilary Summers (cello) and Richard Silk (harpsichord).  The program was of Monteverdi, Corelli, Rossi, Picchi and Poglietti. The playing was excellent and the soprano, in particular was first rate).
Click above to hear the Sonata a Tre in D minor Op 5 No 7 Giga by Arcangelo Corelli
It is gratifying that Shrewsbury has such a vibrant classical music culture.  These concerts have all been excellent and well attended by knowledgeable people.  They have the advantage of being relatively short so that one can enjoy many different genres without having to put up with several hours' worth of music. We were also pleased that there was a good explanation of some of the pieces.
This was followed by the sandwich of the week from Sarnies and a look at the flooding at the English Bridge where the water was at least four feet over the footpath.

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