Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday 2 December

Building of the Day - Castle Street
After a sunny start the day became cloudy and threatening.  Walking around the town can reveal some interesting items if you take the time to look.
An Edward VII pillar box is not really rare but somewhat uncommon.  This one is on High Street at Fish Street
Appleyard's bacon ready to be sliced.  It contributes to the wonderful aroma of this delicatessen.
Beautifully oainted detail on both sides of the entrance to the Thai restaurant on Butcher Row.
This evening Lizzy Ann and Charles Spencer invited us over for dinner.  The recent heavy rains have given Charles a head ache as the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway is affected by flooding at the Llanfair end - the end he needs to have open for the lucrative Santa Clause trains which will be starting shortly.  At least the culverts have held but the river has washed away some ballast sections.

Getting to their house proved more difficult than expected because there was a wait of at least an hour to get any taxi.  Charles stepped into the breach and gave us a ride out.  Getting back was easy as we pre-booked a taxi.

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