Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thursday 17 December - Star Wars

Building of the Day - Barker Street.  Very ornate decorations.
Today is our last day in Shrewsbury and we spent a little while packing our cases.  The Star Wars movie opened today so we went down to the afternoon performance at the multiplex cinema in Abbey Foregate.  It was about what I expected - lots of action, explosions etc but with poor plot lines,

It was raining lightly when we went in, the river is still very high under the English bridge - the pathway along this section has been flooded the entire time we have been here.  When we left the theatre the clouds had lifted , there was blue sky and it looked as if there would be a sunset - ah well - next time.
A typical Great Western Railway lower quadrant signal complete with metal finial and a hopeful sky.  This is the southbound home signal for Sutton Bridge Junction

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  1. Hello Colin,
    I'm just beginning my Christmas break from teaching and finally have found time to read through your last couple of week's entries worth. I must say that I have enjoyed enormously your stories, food and meal tales, your awe-inspiring images and, in particular, your great videos of some very special musical performances. Ah, the joys of travel! While all your images grab my attentions, the image that I stayed glued to for some time is the close-up shot of the Great Western Railway lower quadrant signal with the fascinating sky forming an impressive backdrop. What a closing "sunset" shot that could be for a presentation! Now, I become rather busy with musical performances leading up to Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your entire family and...please do keep the amazing blog entries coming our way! Mike