Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday 29 December - Hotel de Ville, Place des Vosges and Ile de Saint Louis

It was a beautiful warm day today with a lot of sunshine.  We went first to the Hotel de Ville to see what was happening there.  The usual skating rink has been replaced by a display of endangered animals.  There is normally a photographic display which was replaced by some pictures and comments from the recent global warming summit meeting which was held here in November.  The message was that technology is helping us in the fight towards sustainability but we have a long way to go .
At the Hotel de Ville the free manege was put to good use

The rue de Rivoli was not very busy and it was a pleasant stroll to the Hotel de Sully and the Place des Vosges.  We picked up a quiche and ate it sitting on a bench in the sun. There were a great number of sparrows in the vegetation in the Hotel de Sully and it looked as if the bushes were in a wind.
sun bathing at the Hotel de Sully
The Htel de Sully exhibits some movement in the building
A wonderful display of seafood near the Bastille
The Bastille was busy and the Christmas funfair was in full swing.

The Ile de Saint-Louis was quite busy but the crowds at Notre Dame were very heavy indeed - the heaviest we have seen in Paris on this trip.  We were not encouraged to linger and caught the metro back to Villiers.  Some grocery shopping was in order and we managed to score a barbecued poulet fermier and roast potatoes at our favorite butcher.  One surprise was that Nicolas, the local wine merchant, did not have Izarra (either yellow or green).  This will become a cause celebre.

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