Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday 3 December - Flooded

Building of the Day - Frankwell near Theatre Severn
The recent heavy and consistent rains have swollen the river Severn and there is extensive flooding where it flows through the town.  The Frankwell car park by the council offices is under water and the river is several meters above normal.  
From the footbridge. The river course is to the left and Theatre Severn to the right
From the Welsh Bridge - the river course is to the right
From the footbridge - the river course is to the right
There was a performance of the pantomime for school groups at the Theatre Severn.  The buses could not use the Frankwell parking and so there were some 12 or so buses parked in the street in front of the theatre.

The main roads into town were not affected and the two bridges were busy as normal.  Much of the town is high and dry above the river,  Christmas shopping was going strong in spite of the lack of parking.

Sarnies in the High Street has a great line of sandwiches made while you wait as well as a line of very large sausage rolls.
We decided to eat out at the Three Fishes this evening.  It was very busy and Wendy was running around.  At the bar three men were trying to decide which beer to have.  Wendy said "Why don't you try a Spiky Blond?" which produced gales of laughter.  We all shared the taster glass and made ribald comments about the name.  This is a beer from the Six Bells Brewery in Bishops Castle.  It is a good, well balanced bitter and I had a pint with my Beer and Ale Pie. Mary had fish and chips with a glass of sauvignon blanc.

The bar was very noisy until 1830 when the largest group suddenly finished up and left.  It was then nice and quiet and we were able to conduct a conversation  with three men at the next table at a normal level.

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