Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday 26 December - Buttes Chaumont

Typical classic entrance to the metro.
It was mild and sunny today and Buttes Chaumont was at its best.  I lot of work has been done in this park and the results are very good.  The one disappointment was that the overlook was closed for renovations.

There were many holly trees with lots of red berries
The originalreinforced concrete fences are very much in evidence
The island is a haven for bird life
We walked back to the canal at Jaures and came back almost to the Bastille.  Unfortunately the city has caged off the canal with nasty green fencing and has destroyed what was formerly a pleasant walk into an obstacle course. 
There must be fish in the canal
Mary came straight back while I looked in at Saint-Lazare which was very quiet indeed.
Dinner this evening was a very good cassoulet from a jar purchased from the charcuterie.  It was full of sausage and chicken.  
Dessert was the Christmas special from the new meringue shop on Levis - variations on pavlova.  Chestnut cream with maron glace, orange and crystallized orange peel.

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