Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday 28 December - Icelandic Movie

I took a quick look at the Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est this morning.  Both were very busy,  Gare de l'Est seemed to keep its normal air of calm.  The piano has been moved away from the platform end into the shopping area.
Gare de l'Est
One of the new Eurostar trains which have just been put into service to London.  The train length problem has evidently been resolved.
I saw one of the old 170xx locomotives on a local train at Gare de l'Est but could not get close enough to see the number.  First one I have seen on this trip.

I took the bus back from the Gare de l'Est.  The ride along rue Magenta to Barbes-Rochcchouart is always interesting as it passes through an accumulation of shops selling, wedding and formal wear, shoes etc.  Some of the gowns and suits are pretty garish. 

This afternoon we went to an Icelandic movie at a cinema just off the Boulevard de Clichy.  With French subtitles, it was quite good but with only a handful of people it is not hard to understand why it was not in the first run places.  The building was interesting as it has been renovated from a much older cinema and there was an interesting display of old celluloid projectors.  The theatre itself was extremely large. 

We had planned on having barbecued chicken this evening but it turned out that all of the butchers on Levis (all four of them) were closed today.  The back off was an excellent meal at the Bistro D'I-D which is very close to the apartment.
The terrine du moment was very good indeed if a little too much 
Civet du sanglier (wild boar) with tagliatelle came in a rich well herbed and spiced sauce.

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