Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday 29 November - Coach and Horses Carvery

Building of the day - Swan Hill

It has been blowing a gale all day with high winds but not much rain.  Temperatures have been fairly high.  We had a reservation for lunch at the carvery at the Coach and Horses.  We have found this to be good and were not disappointed.  There was a choice of roast beef, lamb, turkey or chicken.  Mary had the lamb while I had the turkey.  We could help ourselves to several vegetables as well as new potatoes and roast potatoes, stuffing, chipolatas, cauliflower cheese.  The roast [otatoes were as good as they get with a thick crunchy exterior and soft inside.  It took a little while to mine through the vegetables to the meat on the plates.  With a glass of sauvignon blanc and a Salopian Shropshire Gold this was a great way to take our minds off the weather.
This board shows the leaders of one of the guilds of Shrewsbury.  They did not meet at the Coach and Horses but the landlord was asked to look after it for them - they never came back to collect it
Sign in the lobby.  I didn't bother to ask about the joke.  It goes like this:
Drunken customer at the bar: "Would you call me a taxi?"
Barman: "You're a taxi."
On this hilarious note we laughed our way down to the river and crossed into Coleham before returning over the English Bridge.  A check in Marks and Spencer revealed the secret location to where they had moved the Battenberg cake.

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