Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday 23 November - Errands and Christmas Lights

When we were here last this building near St. Mary's was being renovated.  The quirky structure is well brought out in the repaint
Didn't do very much today.  The first order of business was to renew our railway two-for-one pass. We were stuck behind a couple of old ladies who had bought the wrong sort of ticket to Kilmarnock on the internet and wondered why the agent couldn't break the rules and issue a cheap ticket.  I am convinced this is how Monty Python obtained their material.  You can get someone's life story for the price of a train ticket.  The ticket agent was the lady who told me she remembered seeing the steam engines from her garden in Southend - it backed on to the railway line on which I used to fire the steam locomotives. I probably helped to dirty her mother's washing hung out on the line to dry. Last summer she allowed me into her office to look at the model of a Manor class steam locomotive.  I also fired these but I didn't have the heart to tell her they couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.

At the Theatre Severn booking office we were able, quickly, to purchase tickets for Cavalleria Rusticana/Il Pagliacci as well as The Mikado.
I just love these black and white buildings
In a shop window on St. Marys Street

The Christmas lights were switched on last Wednesday and make a grand show.  It is dark by 1700 so it is easy to come out and enjoy the show.

Pride Hill
Outside the Darwin Center

The Market Square
High Street
High Street
Pride Hill
Mary went to the movies this afternoon.  I met her at the Three Fishes where I took absolution in the form of a pint of Abbeydale Absolution beer.  We then walked back to look at the lights.
Supper was quiche, edamame and bean salad and pork scratchings. 

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