Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday 22 November - Shrewsbury

View from apartment
Blogger hard at work
The apartment is located where St. Marys Street becomes Dogpole.
We have the two floors above the shop
After meeting our delightful landlady, Briony, we did a little more shopping for staples.  Most shops are open here on Sundays and the Darwin Centre and Pride Hill were busy.  The kids were beginning to become excited about Christmas and the syrupy Christmas favourites were being played full bore (I'm dreamin' of a White Christmas etc.).  This is one of the reasons we have been going to Paris - to miss the hackneyed music.
There was skating behind St. Mary's church.  The surface seemed to be very slippery tiles - not ice
A small snow machine caused great amusement among the kids.
Lunch was quiche and salad in the apartment and then we went to the Three Fishes.  Wendy was pleased to see us and we had a good chat although not much has been happening since we were last here.

The Quarry gardens have been put to bed for the winter and the only flowers were hydrangeas.  A couple of pairs of mallards were looking for handouts. 

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  1. Hello Colin, Lovely to see the children enjoying the snow and ice in the month of December, even if it is of the "made-up" variety!. I think they should consider themselves lucky to have to shovel "boatloads" of the white stuff like we Canadians must do. Haha! Say, Colin, your digs look "all right" I say. The apartment looks spacious, two floors and all, with such a lovely interior. That view down the street is spectacular. You must have organized this in advance of your trip from an internet website? Glad to see you hard at work blogging so we back home can follow along!