Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday 4 June - Class of 1960

Sign in a shop window:

There was a good turn out at the Skinners Arms:
Peter Gregory, Clive Grenyer, Charles Smith, Mike Fulford, John Palmer, Rob Carter, Dai Bamford, Dai Rhys-Tyler, Julian Hale, Ian Cunningham and Colin Churcher.  Regrets were received from Roy Bennett, Colin Bishop, John Hollies, Derek Browne, John Bingham, Paul Thompson and Harry Pong.  Best wishes from Simon McGrahan.
Our Treasurer Dai Rhys-Tyler, ably managed the complicated finances of two kitties (drinks and food).
After a long session of discussion, eating and drinking some five of us moved to St. Pancras for coffee and cake before returning home.  The pictures tell the story.
Dai Rhys-Tyler and Clive Grenyer
Mike Fulford and Julian Hale
Charles Smith, John Palmer and Rob Carter
Peter Gregory, Colin Churcher and Dai Bamford
Ian Cunningham
While walking over to St. Pancras we admired the building and the John Betjeman statue

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