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Thursday 31 December - New Years Eve

There are some pleasant patches of color in the parks - Square des Batignlles
It was a beautiful bright and sunny day today although the wind was a little cold - nothing my parka couldn't handle.  I went for a walk through the Square des Batignolles then to Clichy and on to Au Pullman model railway shop and finally Saint-Lazare which was busy but not frantic.

Of course, the main meal of the day would be the menu de Saint Sylvestre this evening but we "snacked" on a brioche at lunchtime.

The brioche came from the bakery at the top end of the rue de Levis by the metro station.  It as infused with butter and honey
Public transport was free in Paris from 1700 on Thursday until 1200 on Friday and the RER was running all night.  Service is particularly good as well - the metro lines we rode were all running on three minute intervals.  The trains were not very crowded, yet the RATP had its platform staff out at Saint-Lazare to ensure people did not try to rush the closing doors.  There must have been at least 6 staff on each platform.

We arrived at Aux Iles Marquises in good time but several other tables were already in use. Apart from one other table, the restaurant was filled with people from the area, most of whom were greeted with hugs and kisses by Mme. Thiery
It seems hard to believe we have been coming here for New Years Eve for ten years (with just one year missing)

Of course, no decisions were necessary over the meal, other than how we wanted the venison cooked, so we were able to concentrate on the drinks.  Aux Iles Marquises has a good selection of half bottles of wine. So we chose half bottles - of champagne, a Puilly Fume white and a Saumur Champigny red. The champagne was good as were the two Loire Valley wines which have become our favorites.  And so to the meal.
Amuse bouches
Rosache de homard avec lit de mache.  The hard lobster work had already been done and the salad had a very creamy dressing with nut (probably walnut) oil.  The mango made a pleasant counterpoint.
Consomme de huitres et sa frissures de legumes.  Again the hard oyster work had been done.  They were freshly opened and placed in the soup just before serving.
Escalope de foie gras de canard chaud aux raisin.  The foie gras was covered in sliced lychees and the grape sauce was very rich and sweet.  I had to ask for additional bread to sop up the sauce as I didn't intend to leave any of it
 There followed a granite de champagne which cleared the palate for the meat course.
Noisettes de chevreuil venaison avec mousseline de marrons.  The venison was excellent and the chestnut mousse went well with it.  The little accompaniments  were interesting - grognes, chips, apples, fungus and redcurrants.  Again, the sauce had to be carefully sopped up.
Farandole de desserts.  The problem here was deciding where to start.  The pecan tart was excellent as was the chestnut cream slice.  The tropical fruit was fresh and a good way to finish
There were mignardises with coffee
We said goodbye to our good friend Madame Thiery and made a hopeful reservation for next year
The metro brought us back in time to celebrate the New Year at the apartment.  The metro was not crowded.  The city of Paris tried to reduce the numbers gathering on the Champs Elysees this year. Trains were not stop at the Champs Elysees station.  It was pretty quiet in our district although a few wandering groups were to be heard until around four o'clock.

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